At first glance, the casino, operating with a strict policy of customer verification, “picking on” the little things in order to delay the withdrawal. Sometimes it turns out to be true. No one will give an exact answer when it comes to a particular casino. But help reviews, which can give a general picture. If a client has had difficulties with the withdrawal, which is currently the problem number one for fans of gambling, with 90% probability, this information will pop up on one of the gambling forums. Often, such situations escalate into complaints, which in practice instantly spoil the reputation of the institution. Many operators tend to delay with the verification of players’ documents. Sometimes they have to make several copies of the same documents.

Such a move can be called a strategic one. After all, there is every chance that the verification period will seem too long, the player will get tired of waiting and will lose his winnings for bets. In addition, the amount of the requested withdrawal is not blocked – it can be used to play at any convenient moment. The tactic is quite well known, and works well. Considering that after rejection during verification, new uploaded copies of documents will be considered for a few more days each time. If you want to protect yourself, you should first explore, which has leovegas canada reviews and a lot of other information.

Playing without verification will soon not be possible

The UK gambling regulator intends to prohibit its licensees from allowing customers who are not immediately verified to play for money. Gamblers will be forced to download documents before making a deposit. Otherwise will have to settle for free game. Although the majority of the audience will express dissatisfaction with the innovation, on the other hand payments will be much faster, since the need for verification will disappear at the beginning of creating an account.

Casinos are obliged to check players’ income sources

Not so long ago the UK Gambling Commission introduced a new rule for operators who have been issued a license of jurisdiction. Now casinos are obliged to ask for confirmation of income sources of their clients, if it will be necessary. This does not apply to everyone. The administration itself decides who is subject to verification, guided by the requirements of the Commission.

Why without verification you can not withdraw money?

Behave unfairly may not only the casino. Gamblers are often faced with scammers, who simply do not pay and soon, earning as much as possible, disappear from sight. And operators, in turn, have to fight money laundering, multi-accounts in order to get multiple bonuses by one person. And the verification procedure makes it possible to minimize the number of such cases.

Checking the casino license

All normal software manufacturers cooperate with licensed casinos. Look at the “About Casino” section on the homepage, and there you’ll find data on the existence of a permit. Requires not a simple icon or text, and information about the authority that deals with licensing, there to check the authenticity of the document. However, there are difficulties, as due to blocking, casinos periodically change their names, the license indicates the primary domain. If there is no link, it raises doubts about its existence, and the site may be an ordinary picture. Or the owner simply does not want to indicate this resource. Another point when there is a sign – an audit or the presence of the approval of any portal, but there is no footnote on the source – most likely this is not the original. If you’re looking for a reliable casino, you should visit