Buying a home in Spain is a great option for real estate investment. Many will agree with this, guided by simple logic. But who can afford such investments, should we even think about such a possibility? Who buys houses and apartments in Spain by the sea? In this article we will answer all these questions. Spain is in the first place – most of the investors, having decided to buy an apartment or house by the sea abroad, choose this country. 

Is it really only about luxury real estate? And investors are so wealthy that they actively buy such objects in Spain, providing it with the first place among the countries where they invest money? Of course not. The superiority of Spain is explained by the fact that here you can find quite inexpensive real estate and take a mortgage on favorable conditions even for foreigners.

Spanish real estate market – opportunities for investment

Prices for apartments and houses in Spain by the sea in some resort towns and small towns or villages start from a few thousand euros. That is, buy a house or a small apartment for 500-600 thousand rubles in terms of our money – quite real. And this means that everyone can afford to invest in Spanish real estate. If you look for the cheapest housing options in Spain – you can find them, and not in the worst areas.

The second opportunity offered to buyers thanks to Spanish law – mortgage lending. It is as accessible to foreigners as it is to locals. It is often heard that foreigners banks are willing to give credit for only 50% of the cost of housing – that is, the first installment must be a serious amount. But in practice, each case is individual and the bank can cover 90% of the cost of the house or apartment. The interest on a loan is usually no more than 3%. A tempting prospect! You can also look at more respectable objects – housing in popular resorts.

Thus, answering the question, who is available to buy apartments and houses in Spain, it is safe to say that everyone who wants. Spanish housing – not only for the chosen ones.

How to buy an apartment in Spain by the sea?

Whoever is looking will find it. The main thing is to contact a reliable real estate agency, which has a large database of objects for every taste and uses a customer-oriented approach to work, as well as professionally performs verification of documents for housing. It is important not to miss the encumbrances, conditions of servitude (unlimited passage through the neighborhood) and take into account other features. You can already now consider real estate mallorca as an option for purchase.

Once you have found the right object and checked the documents, it is better to go to the inspection and make sure that the apartment or house is all right. Only a personal check can guarantee that any unpleasant surprises will not occur. In this vein, it is important that the agency you have contacted provides the service of arranging your trip to Spain when you buy a home. Thanks to this service, you can spend a lot less time organizing all your events.

Another option is to have your home checked by the agency. But for this it must have a representative office in Spain. Based in your country, the company will not be able to provide such a service. The presence of Spanish representation not only speaks about the solidity of the company, but also speeds up the execution of all papers. Realizing that buying a house in Spain by the sea is real and deciding on such a purchase, you should decide on the cities that are interesting, and, ideally, visit them in person.