If you want to get valuable information about the game, you can find everything here . Let’s talk about more complicated, but very necessary for the left hand cards. They are called KZ and their great variety on the Internet. If you don’t know how to find a suitable one, just go to this site and select KZ in the “Select Gamemode” section above, then copy the IP servers and paste it into the console. So, in front of us the cards where you need to get from point A to point B, but you will have to sweat. It’s just that many people will freak out and leave the server before they pass at least 5% of what the author has planned. And this is normal. The training is successful when you begin to feel a pleasant warmth in your hand. There is even some kind of competition on this thing, and many players spend all the time just jumping, setting new records.

Jump training

There are simpler cards, where you just need to gently jump on small platforms and be able to stop at the landing point, so as not to fly into the abyss. Long Jump and Bunny Hop (BHOP) techniques are more difficult to use on maps. Both are difficult to master, but once you start to understand what you’re getting at, training will go much faster. Now there will be some theory.

Long jumps are based on the Multi Strafe technique. One of the most difficult tests for fingers and brain, but the benefits are unreal. The essence is that a normal jump, which you can do by pressing the W button and pressing the Spacebar – 215 units (conditional measure of distance in CS) if you jumped with a knife in your hands. By the standards of the game it is not even funny. Everyone knows very well that you can jump further. Long jump allows you to fly away by 250 units or even more. To do this, we need to gain speed in the air after jumping. How do we do it? Multi Strafe!

What to do: you accelerate, jump, release the nasty W button, at the same time you clamp Strafe right (or left, as you prefer to start) and at the same time you start to guide the mouse very smoothly in the appropriate key direction. Your turn and acceleration speed will depend on how fast you turn the mouse. Don’t twitch hard, otherwise you’ll have to start again. Also do not turn your mouse too far to the side, otherwise you will have to fly back to where you jumped from. While you are in the air, you can repeat the right-left-right-left combination several times. If everything is done correctly, you will start to accelerate by flying long distances.

Before landing, you need to press the Ctrl (or the key, on which you have a squat). This is a small trick that allows you to catch the edge of the surface at the last moment, because during the squatting the model player slightly throws up and it flies a little further. Why do we need it? You will start to move around the cards almost perfectly. Almost any jump will be successful for you from the first time, without unnecessary noise. On the boxes and various boosts you will also get at the right moment, even when you move your back forward. You will start to get a runboost.

The muscle memory of your left hand will improve and the reaction will increase, which means that you will have a better command of the Strafe technique during shootings. Connect the Shift and Ctrl keys here and your opponent will find it harder to hit you because he won’t know where you’ll go the next moment.

In fact, the CS engine is so curvey that it’s even beautiful. Many elements went into it directly from previous versions, and in some games on Source such bugs are used for speed runs. For example, Half-Life 2 generally passes through the BHOP backwards, where runners accelerate to breathtaking speeds. Actually, Bunny Hop itself is made according to the same principle as Multi Strafe, only the direction of movement has to be changed every time after landing. If you want to learn the game, you can do it at .