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Beginner Guitar Amp Buyers Guide

Guitar amps come in all forms and dimensions, with several alternatives to pick from. In this guitar amp acquiring overview, College of Rock breaks down the essentials of amps so you can discover the perfect amp for your requirements. When looking for their very first guitar amp, it’s finest for beginners to begin with what’s..

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Acoustic Tat?

At present, I don’t have any tattoos. I have nothing against them; I’m just not a tattoo guy. However, I’ve always said that if ever get a tattoo, it would be an acoustic guitar. Why an acoustic guitar?

Top 10 Most Unique Instruments to Learn

Tired of fitting into the status quo? Want to impress and surprise your friends with something different? If piano and guitar seem boring to you, then you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading as we share 10 of the most unique instruments to learn from across the globe.

Banjo vs Guitar: Key Things to Consider

It’s important to think about what style of music you want to learn. Keep in mind that all music instruction starts off with similar, basic concepts. So either instrument will suit the purposes of teaching you the skills you need to get started as a musician.

Guitar Practice

One of my main goals this year has been to work on my guitar playing. I started learning guitar in primary school, year 5 I think, but I was never committed enough to put in the practice at home.

Where to look for some help to play casino?

Every novice player in a casino is in a hurry to try out the available games as quickly as possible and try their luck. However, this tactic almost always leads to failure, and the player very quickly remains without money. To avoid this fate, you can try to look for some additional information and properly..

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